A Compact Is A Signed Agreement

By dogan

The Mayflower Compact was signed on November 21, 1620 aboard the ship. [1] The Mayflower was anchored at Provincetown Harbor, at the northern tip of Cape Cod. [4] Before leaving the ship, the pilgrims decided to reach an agreement to reunite them and the “foreigners” and ensure that all the inhabitants of the new colony followed the same laws. The result, a document designed and signed by almost all adult male passengers on board the ship, would be known as the Mayflower Compact. The United States and Palau signed the amended agreement following the Compact of Free Association Section 432 Review on September 19 in Koror, Palau. The United States and Palau also exchanged diplomatic notes by which the pact revision agreement, signed in 2010, came into force. The signing marks the completion of the first review and modification process under the Compact of Free Association(the Compact), U.S. Public Law 99-658. A famous settler who signed the Mayflower Pact was Myles Standish. He was an English military officer hired by the pilgrims to accompany them to the New World to serve as the military leader of the colony. Standish played an important role in enforcing the new laws and protecting the settlers from the Inami Indians. The Constitution contains the compact clause that prohibits a state from entering into a pact with another state without the approval of Congress. In search of the right to worship as they wished, the pilgrims had signed a contract with the Virginia Company to settle on land near the Hudson River, which was then part of Northern Virginia.

Virginia Company was a commercial enterprise chartered by King James I to colonize parts of the east coast of the New World. London shareholders financed the pilgrimage by understanding that they would repay the profits of the new colony. On November 11, 1620, 41 adult male settlers, including two early servants, signed the Mayflower Compact, although it was not so called. The year is 2120, and the American spacecraft Mayflower II landed on Mars, exactly 400 years after the first Mayflower reached the New World.

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