A Contract Agreement To Use The Name

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For more information on how to avoid frequent pitfalls in contracts, check out the commercial contracts: turn each commercial contract to your advantage EntrepreneurPress.com. Later, when it is disputed whether the person who actually signed the contract, the other party could take the witness to court to testify. Maybe the person who signed later said they were too intoxicated to know what had been signed. One witness may have said that the witness was quite sober. A legally correct contract, applicable to both parties, could therefore say: “This agreement is signed and between ABC Hotel Management Inc. DBA ABC Hotel and JJM Inc. DBA Travel Trails. As I said before, DBAs are optional. Come back to the list above. This agreement involved all parties. It is clear that any designated company is a party to the agreement. You do not need to say explicitly, “The parties to this agreement are… “, but the parties to the agreement should be obvious in the context.

Looks like the names are well written. But are these the real names of these companies? Probably not. Often, the treaty will say that it is effective on the day the last contracting parties sign it. This often happens when, for example, one party signs it and the next day the other party comes to sign in the city. Second, it is important for the parties to write down the date on which they sign it. If you want to protect your personal wealth from commercial liability, you can do so by setting up a company or LLC. If these establishments are sued, the owners are not responsible for the resulting judgment. However, there are exceptions and liability cannot be assumed by the court if you use your name and the legal name of your business interchangeably. A: The document you describe is not an enforceable contract. It makes no sense under the law, and that could create big problems for you. The correspondence agreements.

The conclusion of the letter to amend or renew an existing agreement should not relate to the agreement in question, since the amended or extended agreement would be defined in the first sentence. Miff Company, Moff Company and Muff Company agree to share the costs and use of a stand. You wisely develop a written agreement to document it.

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