Aircraft Pre Purchase Agreement

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As a buyer, you need to know what you want to buy. There are thousands of types of aircraft and models to choose from on the market. To limit your search, you need to assess your needs. The delivery of aircraft can be arranged by the seller or broker, but this is totally independent of the sale of aircraft. At this point, you need to understand that the aircraft of yourself and the choice of the right means and methods of delivery would affect the safety of your aircraft. If the aircraft transaction is international and the IR form must be documented in the “International Register” for mobile assets. Your broker/adviser and trust company can help you in this process. JetEXE Aviation`s team of consultants and brokers can accompany you and your research and find the right plane for you. Depending on your needs and purchasing power, your mandated advisor and broker will identify and select the aircraft available for sale on the market.

For more research, you can visit the plane and first look around. You can even request a demonstration flight, but this is usually done at purchase costs. Once you`ve visited a few different planes of your choice and looked, you`ll have a fair idea of what`s available, what options are on the market and what the prices are. If you use a broker or an airline logistics company, they can help you in transporting, ferrying or training the crew for the same. It`s a big moment. You bought your dream plane. Don`t let this intoxicating feeling neglect your care at the aircraft`s operation or ferry. Remember that this aircraft is new to you and that you or your crew must familiarize yourself with the aircraft before using or transporting it. The aircraft should be fully fit to fly and inspected prior to the ferry. Well-trained and experienced crews should be deployed for the ferry or for the transport of the aircraft. If you fly the aircraft, you must be properly trained and familiar with the aircraft before doing so If the law is accepted by the seller, the buyer immediately deposits a down payment of 5% to 10% of the purchase price offered.

The down payment can be placed with the broker or fiduciary company of the aircraft that was chosen mutually by the buyer and seller. Most U.S. airlines are located in Oklahoma, close to FAA headquarters. Before the expiry of the law, the aircraft should be checked by the buyer and the essay contract signed. If the aircraft is flying above 29,000 feet, it should be RVSM certified and the necessary manuals must be approved and found at your local faa flight standard office. Your aviation advisor/broker can help. If it is very long distance, it must be well planned with fuel and maintenance stops. The location from which the first flight departs and ends may affect the purchase of an aircraft. An aviation advisor or CPA can advise you on this issue. Each state and country have different rules and rules in this regard. Your broker can help you in this process and has recommended that you consult a lawyer before signing agreements.

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