Audi Service Agreement

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In addition, you can cancel the VSP at any time for a small fee, which avoids headaches and quarrels with the trader about the shutdown of the service. One aspect of the VSP plan that is attractive is that you can bring a disabled vehicle to any Audi dealership or a licensed service provider for repairs, which gives you a few extra options in case of an unexpected problem during a road trip. The extended Audi warranty offers more comprehensive service and repairs than the manufacturer`s standard bumper-to-bumper and propulsion warranty. It includes mechanical repairs that include parts and work up to 10 years or 120,000 miles. In my opinion, the maintenance list is unchecked, especially considering that many of these services, even simple ones such as power steering fluid, are more expensive. Which came back later to bite him, when he finally got the money to take him to the store, just to find out he was on duty for about $1000 that he hadn`t done. For this example, I assume that you receive only reasonable services (oil, ignition candles, etc.) and compare it to the national average for repair costs. This additional service offers specific mechanical protection beyond the factory warranty for hundreds to thousands of components, depending on the plan you choose. You will also receive real Audi parts and service for your vehicle.

If you want to receive your Audi on hold, look for an ASE certified mechanic and get an estimate of the cost of obtaining the services listed in the Audi Care. I think you`ll be surprised at how much you`ll save by taking it for a mechanic. While some advanced warranties require you to transport your vehicle to the dealership where you purchased the cover, Audi offers warranty repairs from each participating Audi dealership as well as other service providers or licensed service centers. Its 24-hour troubleshooting plan includes a package of $100 per deposit. It includes flat tire support, battery service, fuel supply and locking. The plan also provides a $100 refund for towing to the Audi dealership or the nearest authorized service provider. If it costs more than $100, you must pay the remaining fee. Audi Care is available for the 2008 years of purchased or leased models, or newer Audi vehicles, and 2008 model year or new used Audi certified vehicles purchased or leased from an authorized Audi dealership in the United States. Audi Care covers all 10,000 miles, from 15,000 to 45,000 miles, the maintenance services recommended by the plant. Audi Care Plus is available through Audi dealerships authorized for each 2007 model year and newer certified Audi vehicles at each mileage or 2007 model year and newer Audi vehicles sold as new or used and that have reached 40,000 miles or more.

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