Csla Reciprocity Agreement

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On July 9, 2020, nine provincial, regional and territorial landscape architecture associations signed an agreement establishing the conditions under which a full member landscape architect of a Canadian jurisdiction (regulated or unregulated) can recognize professional membership in another Canadian jurisdiction (regulated or unregulated). National Reciprocity Agreement for the Profession of Landscape Architecture in CanadaUpdated Reciprocity Agreement Signed by All Canadian Provincial, Regional and Territorial Landscape Architecture Associations. The updated agreement allows landscape architects to have their registration information recognized and to work in other jurisdictions. Click here to read the agreement and a reciprocal guide. The Working Mobility Coordination Group came into force in 2009 in accordance with Chapter 7 of the Internal Trade Agreement (now Canada`s Free Trade Agreement). In June 2013, AALA, BCSLA and OALA signed the Collaborative Memorandum of Understanding on Professional Reciprocity to reaffirm our commitment to recognizing Canada for its national reciprocity of the landscape architecture profession. The Workforce Mobility Coordination Group reviewed the letter or intent and believes that landscape architects have made excellent progress in implementing labour mobility commitments. The aim of the agreement is to ensure effective reciprocity in order to ensure equitable, balanced and sustainable labour mobility in the landscape architecture profession at the national level. In essence, the agreement aims to reconcile labour mobility, professional standards and local knowledge between the different types of legal systems in Canada: regulated and unregulated. Under this agreement, members who aspire to reciprocity may be required to undergo a “local audit.” One of the objectives of the local study is to demonstrate a local or regional awareness, as determined by each component, which is essential to your ability to work in the region. In Canada, the landscape architecture profession is regulated in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia. Since 1995, the Ontario Association of Agricultural Architects (OALA) and BCSLA have entered into a reciprocity agreement guaranteeing simple mobility for landscape architects between Ontario and British Columbia.

Applicants for membership who emigrate from an unregulated province or outside Canada will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. BCSLA is working with OALA and the Alberta Association of Landscape Architects to harmonize membership categories and access standards to create a labour mobility model across Canada, even if the profession is not regulated. July 9, 2020 – Nine provincial, regional and territorial landscape architecture associations have signed an agreement to define the conditions under which a landscape architect who is a full member of a Canadian jurisdiction (regulated or unregulated) can recognize his or her professional membership in another Canadian jurisdiction (regulated or unregulated). In 1979, the Board of Directors of the CSLA approved a motion that promoted reciprocity among provincial federations and established a committee that should examine the issue in greater depth.

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