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12. The list of fees to pay for customs clearance services: This is a convenient, fast and reliable service for seasonal or irregular shipments requiring additional resources for their preparation. DHL manages the entire process of preparing the car letter, content selection, labelling and packaging and then sends the shipments to the stated national or international business addresses. An optional delivery service that allows the shipper or importer to maintain the confidentiality of the declared value of the goods. The delivery facility ensures that all shipping documents that reveal the value of the goods are removed prior to delivery. 1. These terms and conditions govern the process of delivering customs duties, value-added VAT and other mandatory duties related to the clearance of import shipments to the destination country (hereafter referred to as “fees”) as well as DHL services related to the organisation of customs clearance in the destination country (hereafter referred to as “customs clearance services”). , to be paid by the customer (hereafter the services). 10.

Despite other references, DHL`s liability is limited to service charges. This restriction applies to damage caused to the customer by this service. 4. The rates paid by the customer to DHL for the service are published on the website or covered by the schedule at the rates of the agreement. In DHL invoices, the service is referred to as the “tariff payment agreement” and is billed with the delivery service in exchange for the exchange of letters from the service. Payment deadlines are settled by the agreement. The service is due for payment by the customer, regardless of the customs clearance fees and services that DHL charges the customer. You can take care of the environment while you ship your goods. We offer an all-inclusive off-setting carbon service for account customers who want to balance their transportation activities with real environmental protection measures. The service includes the calculation of CO2 emissions at the shipping level, the offsetting of these CO2 emissions by DHL`s CO2 management activities and the annual certification of these compensatory activities by an accredited third party, the General Monitoring Corporation (SGS). This reporting service provides a detailed calculation of actual CO2 emissions for a company that ships with DHL Express in an earlier period.

Quarterly and annual reports are based on the shipping services actually used, and the application of an advanced calculation method to certain CO2 data provides fingerprint reports on the trade route; By destination; At the end of certain periods; or by account number. 8. The fee is not charged by DHL to the customer if the customs clearance of the shipment in the destination country is carried out by the recipient of the shipment itself or by the third party. If this is the case, the “Tariff Payment Agreement” service must be paid by the customer, regardless of the fees charged by DHL to the customer. On behalf of the shipper or shipper, DHL may perform one of the following activities to provide its services: 1) complete all documents, modify product or service codes, and pay all customs duties or penalties required by applicable laws and regulations (“customs duties”), (2) as a shipper`s or recipient`s customs officer for customs purposes. , export or import, and as the recipient for the designation of a customs officer for customs clearance and (3) Person to the recipient`s customs broker or any other address that DHL considers permissible in its reasonable opinion.

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