Festival Agreement

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When the visitor buys an electronic version of a ticket for an event, the payment of that product is usually made by a third party activated by the organization. This third party uses its own terms and conditions regarding the visitor as a purchaser of the ticket, these conditions and the Organization`s current terms and conditions of sale apply to the agreement on the ticket. Concert production contracts are used by concert organizers, artists, booking agencies or artist managers to reach an agreement on services related to a musical artist`s live performance. Our concert production agreements also include a package for a concert organizer that contains the basic contracts necessary to produce a concert or a small music festival. Each concert contract is designed by an experienced and regularly updated entertainment lawyer to ensure its relevance. If you have any questions about our concert production contracts, please contact our knowledgeable staff. Our concert production agreements are used by concert organizers, musical artists, booking agencies and more. Now get a concert production contract for your next event. The sponsorship contract for concert or music festivals is used by a concert organizer to enter into contracts with a company that wishes to sponsor an aspect of a concert or music festival.

The contract package for concert organizers/producers contains all the basic agreements that a concert organizer/producer must enter into with artists and other parties to produce a concert or small music festival. All these contracts can be purchased individually on this site. This booking agent contract (for the club or organizer) is used by a music venue. For example, a club or concert organizer, to enter into a contract with a person who reserves the venue or to look for an artist to play a show or music festival. 32.1 Dutch law applies to the agreement and terms and conditions. 32.2 The Amsterdam Court has jurisdiction to rule on disputes relating to the agreement and the terms of sale. Visitors may offer products or services from third parties/exhibitors at the event, such as food, beverages or products. Although these exhibitors are carefully selected by the organization, they are not parties to an agreement between the visitor and these third parties. The organization is in no way responsible for the damage resulting from the purchase of a product or service by the visitor from a third party/exhibitor at the event site. 30.1 The Organization is in no way responsible for errors, (limited) information or details on a website about the visitor or third parties, except in cases of gross negligence or intentional misconduct against the visitor. The organization, its affiliates or third parties involved in the performance of a service or contract are in no way responsible for damages, costs, losses, losses, loss of confidentiality, loss of confidentiality or loss of information for direct or indirect use or operation of the site. 30.2 Given the online factors over which the Organization has no control or cannot reasonably control, the Organization cannot expressly assure the visitor that the website, parts of this site or associated functions are functioning properly, still functioning according to description or are available for use.

The same goes for the operation of the server used by the organization. By influencing the factors, the following can be considered. The (quality) of the Internet connection, the presence of hyperlinks to (unknown) third-party sites, possible hacker or other attacks, viruses, bugs or other errors or errors.

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