Frontier Communications Service Level Agreement

By dogan

The Frontier service offers a number of additional charges, including equipment rent that you cannot avoid. The worst sanie society I`ve ever worked for. It took more than 2 weeks to get their services. I had a different answer every time I called. False orders were placed on my account without my knowledge or at my request. I just wanted the basic internet that was available in my area, and during the weeks, without me asking or anything, the phone service was added more than once, a request was made for a new wiring, and a cancellation – I never told anyone about these items. Some operators were nice, some extremely rude, but all had no idea what they were doing. Every time I called someone or talked to them, I would get a different explanation or excuse. What scam I reported for the service at 27.99 per month`s first bill came to 37.99 plus 10.00 for routers. It took 6 weeks for the service to work.

I was told they would forego the $49.99 installation fee. In addition, I had 4 missed appointments without appeal, text, email indicating that no one is displayed. Do not use this service completely euntags from day one. I`m going to write all this on the Internet. I ordered the special they put on TV for 80 $mo. TV, Internet, phone with “Free Amazon Prime”. It`s well over a month and still no sign that they offer Amazon Prime, I`ve called customer service more than five times via my subscription. I also paid my first month when I thought they held on to secure the payment and not get burned! Update just from the phone with them, as I suggest, you seem “from Amazon premium codes/gift cards until further notice and there`s nothing they expect for every customer” exact words. The customer service is very bad.

They calculated more of what they say before I had a connection. You did not mention the installation and some shipping costs, although I explicitly wonder many times if there is a fee other than a monthly fee. I often wonder if I can have an internet connection before the 6th. The rep says he`ll have me installed before the 5th. However, later by email, I found that my date is to install 8. I call them and the representative told me to call back 2 days later, and then they can pick me up before the 6th. However, I will call her back 2 days later, a new representative will call me to call me back for an early installation date, but never call back, again a day later, I will call back, and then more recent representatives told me that it was not possible… Looks like they are lying down a lot. I`m not going to recommend Frontier to my friends who think they have a new Internet connection or who have just moved to my city. I had a service appointment to set up, we waited from 8am to 5pm.

Have they ever shown NOPE? Steve a supervisor tried to make an excuse, I told the truth. Ok, they made mistakes and made me wait another 8 days. I said my daughter had chores.

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