Guatemala Dual Citizenship Agreements

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Macedonia allows dual nationality. Such citizens are considered exclusively Macedonians while they are in the country. Guyana accepts dual nationality only for those who obtain foreign nationality by marriage. Reference: Dual nationality is not recognized in Seychelles, but the Seychelles government only recognizes dual nationality in certain cases involving Seychelles citizens who later obtain another citizenship for national or economic convenience (e.g. B working abroad) or involuntarily marrying a foreign citizen. Here is a reference. Reference: Uzbekistan does not allow dual nationality. Uzbeks living abroad could in theory meet the requirement to prove that they do not have dual nationality at entry, but this is rarely done in practice (US State Department 2010). It is not known when the Uzbek government could refuse entry on this basis. Here is a reference.

Many countries fully allow dual nationality, while others allow it only in special circumstances. Below is the full list of Arton Capital`s countries and dual nationality policies. Reference: Dual nationality is only recognized in Venezuela if a person reaches the age of 25, if Venezuelan nationality ceases, if foreign nationality is maintained. Here is a reference. If you would like more information on Guatemalan citizenship, please contact us Reference: Bulgaria allows its citizens to have foreign nationality in addition to their Bulgarian nationality. However, some countries do not allow multiple nationality, for example.B. Adults who have given birth to Bulgarian and Japanese nationality must declare to the country`s Ministry of Justice, before the 22nd anniversary, which citizenship they wish to retain. Here is a reference. Reference: Kenya recognizes dual nationality. Dual nationality will be one of the many rights that Kenyans will enjoy. However, in accordance with Chapter 3 of the new Constitution, dual nationality legislation, including implementation procedures, must be prepared by the government and parliament before the law becomes effective. Here is a reference.

Reference: The government of the United Arab Emirates does not recognize dual nationality. Children of UAE fathers automatically acquire UAE citizenship at birth and must enter the UAE on UAE passports. Here is a reference. Reference: Dual nationality is allowed in Antigua. A citizen must not be stripped of his citizenship solely because he is or will be a citizen of another country, he cannot be denied registration as a citizen; or to renounce the nationality of the other country, by or under any law. No Antigua passport may be refused or a passport of this type can be withdrawn, cancelled or confiscated only because the person is in possession of a passport issued by another country of which he is a national or is required to surrender a passport issued by another country of which he has nationality or to be prohibited before a passport is issued to him by a passport of this type or from Antigua as a condition prior to the retention of such a passport. Here is a reference. Dual nationality is permitted in Spain, but citizens who acquire a second nationality must inform the government, within three years, of their intention to remain Spanish nationals. Natural citizens of the Ibero-American countries, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea and Portugal are exempt from this requirement. However, naturalized citizens must renounce all other nationalities, unless they are naturally citizens born of an Ibero-American country, Andorra, the Philippines, Equatorial Guinea or Portugal.

All questions relating to citizenship or applications for renunciation of citizenship should be addressed at the following address: Reference: The Bosnian Citizenship Act clearly provides for dual nationality. Dayton peace agreement limits this possibility

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