Sears Outlet Master Protection Agreement

By dogan

Get seen there, buddy. Protection agreements are not a waste of money, simply because a customer can always get a refund for the money they paid in the full year after the contract was purchased, even if they use the agreement to have the item repaired at Sears. Suppose I bought a new washing machine and it no longer works because of certain events. If I call Sears to fix it, they`re going to fix it. If they can`t fix it, they`ll replace it with a whole new one. Even after all this, if I am still not satisfied, I can still get my money back for the contract while it is still within a year. Full coverage, home calls, etc. all to cover my purchase for a price that, frankly, is not so great, and if I decide that I do not need the protection contract, can I get my money back? Sign me up for another one! I have nothing to lose. I say all this from experience with Sears, and I am a satisfied customer of Sear. I was advised by the repairman to get the house warranty for 30.00 USD per month.

In this way, my service calls will only be a withdrawal value of $60. I took the warranty contract. They told me that if they could not fix my devices, I would have $500. Credit for a new device. The serviceman went out yesterday to fix my fridge, and he told me that he was too old and that he was not under the warranty of the house. He said I could pay $239 to fix it. Far from the $60 guarantee to repair it and deliver the parts for free. That`s why I refused. Sear`s warranty seller lied to me. I`ll try on my dishwasher next month and see what happens, but I expect the same. To make history short, don`t believe what they tell you about the house warranty, because it`s useless.

I worked for Sears as a call center operator. If you show up for customer service, z.B. plan a service appointment or just ask a question about a device you`re buying, everyone you`re talking to will be trained to try to sell you a protection agreement. That`s how it works. You call for a problem with your washing machine. I`m going up your account and what I`ve trained isn`t necessarily solving your problem – I could transfer you to the service space if you need a service call, but first I say, “Sir.

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