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The ILO model provides that certain investment disputes defined between a contracting party and a national or company of the other party, including disputes over the interpretation of an investment agreement, may arise and the dispute cannot be resolved through negotiations, it may be subject to arbitration in accordance with all dispute resolution procedures that the national or company and the host country have previously approved. Unless the national or company has submitted the dispute to unconscluded dispute resolution procedures or the decision of national courts or other jurisdictions in the host country, the national or company may refer the dispute to the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The depletion of local remedies is not necessary. In a separate provision, the parties also agree to grant nationals and companies of the other party access to their national courts in order to assert their rights and assert investment rights. Keywords – The mapping structure that is displayed in the “Select Awarded Contract Elements” tab is a “table of materials” that contains all the elements of the contract. It corresponds to the typical structure of an AI. – The elements of the illustrated contract are elements of an investment contract mapped as part of the IIA mapping project. The number of contract elements represented exceeds 100. Each associated item has a set of pre-defined assignment options from which you can choose.

– Mapping options indicate the approach of the contract for the corresponding element of the contract. Mapping options may be “yes/no” or specify the approach to the contract (for example. B the type of fair and equitable treatment clause (FET) – qualified/unqualified/unqualified/none, etc.). Each element of the contract includes the “Inconclusive” and “Not applicable” options. The presentation of this treaty with the other five mentioned above makes an important development in our international investment policy. I join the U.S. Trade Representative and other U.S. government agencies in supporting the treaty and prefer its early transmission to the Senate.

The main objective of international tax treaties is to regulate the distribution of global income taxes of multinationals between countries. In most cases, this means abolishing double taxation. The substance of the problem lies in the differences of opinion between countries on who is responsible for the taxable income of multinationals. Most of the time, these conflicts are dealt with by bilateral agreements that deal exclusively with income taxation and sometimes on capital. However, in the past, some multilateral tax treaties and bilateral agreements dealing with taxation and other issues have also been concluded. Countries enter into enterprise agreements primarily to protect and indirectly encourage foreign investment and, increasingly, to liberalize these investments.

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