Soft Play Rental Agreement

By dogan

Once we have set up the play area, we leave and the customer is responsible for any injuries or damage to our devices. The client must complete the liability form before setting up the play area. As parents of two young children, we know how important it is to stay clean. We have a strict routine of cleaning, disinfection and disinfection after each rental. All appliances are disinfected after construction. This prevents the spread of pathogens in children. The equipment must be cleaned by the customer at the time of collection. If the appliance is extremely dirty, the cleaning costs are 50 $US. Bookings can be made by email at [email protected] Please indicate the date, place and time. We will move in with you within 24 hours. We need a down payment to save the date.

If the deposit is not paid after 3 days, the booking will be cancelled without notice. Deposits are accepted via PayPal or Venmo. The balance is due one week before the start of the party. You can also —–. us APPAREILS MUST NOT BE ABDUCTED IN THE GAME ZONE – Damaged or stolen softplay devices result in the loss of $100 bail. Meals, sweets or drinks are not allowed in or near the playground. – Rent can be up to 4 hours from the start of the event. Nelly`s Playground offers on-site services for your 6 months-5 years with a safe and gentle gaming environment, we have what you need for your next event. Our attractive equipment offers young people a lot of stimulating entertainment. Sanitary and full of opportunities for physical and mental engagement, our play sets are perfect for parents looking for party solutions for young children. In or near the play area, bubbles, colored pencils, face color or other paint material are not allowed. (407) 603-6932 [email protected] I discovered BrincaPlay at a lake Nona event in January and Alejandra said I`d book it for May.

She remembered me before I could even tell her! The kids had a time of AMAZING – the best of all NO CHILD was injured because, of course, it`s a soft-play playground. The age groups ranged from 1 to 6 and had a lot of fun climbing and “swimming” in the ball pit. The kids didn`t want to leave. Our softplay devices promote the development of coarse motor skills and make playing time a safe experience. Softplays are not installed outdoors when rain or strong wind are in the forecast. The equipment becomes slippery and dangerous in such conditions. We will offer a credit for a future party if the weather gets bad on the day of the event and no other indoor sites have been set up. Because our equipment is moderate and gentle, it is unlikely that children will be injured while they are taking care of them. And because we limit the age of children in our playgrounds to 5 years, smaller children can have fun without fear of being bullied by grown children. Play at your own risk. Nelly`s Playground LLC does NOT take responsibility for injuries caused by the use of our softplay. How does a lease work? A lease agreement is a contract between you – the “customer” and a leasing company.

This allows you to use devices for a certain period of time in exchange for paying “rentals” to the leasing company. The leasing company actually “pays” the supplier`s equipment for you, i.e. the supplier receives 100% of the invoiced value. All sharp objects must be removed before play (including pens, pencils, jewelry, knives, glasses, bling on bags, etc. If there are damaged or stolen softplay instruments, I am charged an equivalent amount, i.e. repair or replacement costs. NO push, push, fight, pile up or foul play in the playing area.

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