Subject Verb Agreement Error Detection Quiz

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11. The number of accidents is increasing (a) day by day (b) on the Delhi Metro road. (c)/ No error solution: the error is in part (a) of the sentence. “The number of” is always followed by a plural noun, but a singular verbage. Therefore, the “are” should be replaced by “is”. Scroll down the page for a detailed solution 💯Click here for the study notes on the verb (It contains the compilation of important rules, 1) None, but they (1)/are responsible (2)/ for this act (3)/ no error (a) It terminates immediately/ (b) the place where neither skill nor knowledge was required./ (d) No errorQuit correct, either it is change or quitquestion is incorrect – it must be eligible QUIT and QUITS is correct. Under the huge starry roof (1), people went quickly,(2)/like colored threads (3)/ woven into a gray net. (4)/ No error (5). 10. The boss says that (a) / there are a lot of difficulties that must be faced (b) / before the project is successfully launched. (c)/ No error Solution: the error is in part (b) of the sentence. If “there” and “he” are used as introductory subjects, then in the case of “there”, the verb corresponds to the noun or pronoun used after “there”. However, in the case of “he”, the verb is always maintained as singular.

See the example: OK, now let`s talk about the verb. Now that we have learned the important rules of the verb in our previous intervention, we are ready to answer some questions on this topic. Let`s start by ⏩compilation of important questions about error detection/detection based on Verb for SSC (CGL, CPO, CHSL), BANK (IBPS SBI RBI) and other tests. The theme of the second part of the sentence is “each of its other qualities”. Here, the subject is singularly due to the modifier “each”. To make this easier to understand, try reading this part of the sentence as “each of its other properties.” Therefore, the corresponding verb must be available in a form that can be used with a singular noun, “compensated”. The peppers are (1) / the name of (2) / new restaurant in Kolkata (3) / which was opened last week. (4)/ No error (5) Read the sentence to find out if there is an error. If so, the error consists of part of the sentence. The number of this part will be the answer.

If there is no error, the answer is (5). Ignore punctuation errors. Rebecca`s taste for caviar and expensive chocolates does not reflect what she actually enjoys, but simply a manifestation of her tendency to spend money negligently….

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