Ucdp Peace Agreement Dataset

By dogan

• Fjelde, Hanne, Lisa Hultman, Livia Schubiger, Lars-Erik Cederman, Simon Hug and Margareta Sollenberg (2019) Introducing the Ethnic One-Sided Violence dataset. Conflict Management and Peace Science: doi.org/10.1177/0738894219863256 A dataset that provides information on the existence, nature and provider of external support to all belligerents (actors) that, between 1975 and 2009, are encoded annually in UCDP data. This dataset is UCDP`s most disaggregated dataset and covers isolated events of organized violence (phenomena of lethal violence that occur at a given time and place). These events are fine enough to be geocoded down to the level of individual villages, with deadlines broken down by day. This means that all identifiers used in registration from version 17.1 on or after are no longer compatible with those of older versions of UCDP products. In addition, this means that external products that depend on UCDP IDs for data management tasks must be adapted to the new identifiers. A dataset starting with annual observations of all states in the international system, as Gleditch and Ward point out, between 1946 and 2018. The dataset contains all internal and internationalized armed conflicts (types 3 and 4) of the UCDP/PRIO Armed Conflict Dataset Version 19.1 An annual Dyad dataset containing information on conflicts and key characteristics of non-governmental conflicts. The dataset covers non-governmental conflicts in Africa, 1989-2011 and is compatible with the UCDP non-State Conflict Dataset v. 2.5-2016. An event data series that covers all measures taken by third parties during the years of low-intensity intra-governmental dyads during the period 1993-2004.

The dataset contains information on the date of each event. B name of third parties, total number of third parties, nature of the action, theme of conversations, etc. Work on the dataset was supported by the World Bank`s Development Economics Research Group as part of its project “The Economics of Civil War, Crime, and Violence”. More detailed credits – both intellectual and financial – appear in the first footnote by Gleditsch et al. (2002). A data set for the year of intervention containing information on deliberate attacks on civilians by governments and formally organized armed groups. The latest is version 20.1. The dataset is described in Gleditsch et al. (2002). Six annual updates were subsequently published in the Journal of Peace Research: in September 2003 (Eriksson et al., 2003); September 2004 (Eriksson & Wallensteen, 2004); September 2005 (Harbom & Wallensteen, 2005); September 2006 (Harbom, Högbladh & Wallensteen, 2006); September 2007 (Harbom & Wallensteen, 2007); and September 2008 (Harbom, Melander & Wallensteen, 2008).

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