What Did The Conflicts And Disagreements Between Jefferson And Hamilton Lead To

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Disagreements are not a concern for President Washington. They could even be useful until in 1792 he realized that the differences between two members of his cabinet, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, were very personal. Abigail Smith Adams (1744-1818) was a staunch defender of women`s political, educational and marital rights and an intelligent and experienced political advisor to her husband John Adams, leader of the revolution and second president of the United States. A mother of six, she ran the family farm and investments, while serving as her husband`s primary breadwinwins and advisor. When he chose Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton for his cabinet, he did not know that they would become enemies. They first concluded that Hamilton sometimes sought Jefferson`s advice, and that Jefferson appointed Hamilton to become a member of the American Philosophical Society. It was only when Hamilton`s economic policy took shape in late 1791 and 1792 that everyone took a closer look at the other and began to wonder what he saw. “If you look at these programs, we`ve basically helped create a kind of Jeffersonian Republic of housing, with more and more people owning their own homes, and we`ve done that with Hamilton funds and financial innovations from the federal government,” Hockett said. And while the gap between the two founders remains a source of controversy, the nation has grown to integrate everyone`s ideals, he said. How did the debate between Jefferson and Hamilton shape the political system of the United States? In the 1790s, a conflict aeddle between the first American political parties. Indeed, the federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton, and the Republicans (also known as Republican Democrats), led by Thomas Jefferson, were the first political parties in the Western world. Unlike loose political groups in the British House of Commons or the pre-revolutionary American colonies, both had relatively consistent and principled platforms, relatively stable popular supporters and permanent organizations.

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