What Is A Mia Call Off Agreement

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These guidelines are aimed at trusts and NHS authorities who have already entered into an MIA custody agreement with a provider. This applies to agreements that: Information for nhs organisations on the status of MIA agreements on demand. To be included in the MIA register, please enter your company`s data in the fields to be filled in via the Main Indemnity Contract link [PDF – 117KB]. Please email this document as a PDF document to John.Slater@nhs.scot Follow the instructions on the information for suppliers to join MIA [PDF – 688Kb] and send us the signed agreement in pdf by email. Please do not print or send the document. The ERS will continue to use the ERS Initial Assessment Letter and Approval Letter to provide clarification to NHS participating organisations on the promoter`s stated intention regarding the use of the MIA or the inclusion of equipment compensation in the site agreement. The Framework Compensation Agreement (MIA) is designed as a framework agreement to meet the requirements of nhSScotland bodies with respect to equipment and other goods supplied: the “MIA Terms” have been updated to reflect changes in legislation and ministerial policy. “Agreement mia on-call” and “Inter-MIA Agreement” have been updated to support changes to the update of the mia Terms and Conditions. The “MIA Data Protection Protocol” is a new document introduced to help healthcare authorities comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. In order to accept equipment or goods from suppliers that are not registered in the register, Offices must enter into individual and separate agreements on the goods lent, the free issue or the trial version. There is no obligation for the Commission to sign another document that can be provided by a supplier. In this case, the standard compensation form [PDF – 70KB] must be signed. Therefore, providers who regularly work with NHSScotland should consider registering to avoid having to sign separate forms when providing “free” devices.

The standard exemption form cannot be used if compliance with GDPR legislation is required. The latest update confirms that the MIA is not appropriate if the device is in a clinical trial (if insurance and compensation agreements are to be entered into under the Model Clinical Trials Agreement (mCIA)). It contains a new clarification that the MIA can be used when equipment is provided for a research project when these devices are not being researched. This allows the sponsor to use the MIA system instead of agreeing on insurance and compensation agreements for the equipment under the site agreement (e.g. .B. Standard Clinical Trial Contract (mCTA), Model Non-Commercial Research Agreement (mNCA), etc.). MIA is an agreement between NHS organisations in England and suppliers who provide equipment free of charge, either on loan or permanently. .

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